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“Round the Valley Ultra Marathon” was formed in order to promote competitive racing connected to nature and environmental conservation.

Team members of the group who initiated the marathon are all members of Kibbutz Hazorea, located in the Jezreel Valley, Israel, who regularly engage in running and cycling sports.

The team will be planning and working for many months in order to prepare the “Round the Valley Ultra Marathon”, and on the day of the race, 200 volunteers from Kibbutz Hazorea will be situated at the various stations in order to assist the many participating athletes.

Our goal is to initiate a yearly tradition whereby athletes will participate in this quality race.

The race takes place in the Menashe biosphere, through wadis, across small valleys, and up to points overlooking the entire Jezreel Valley.

“Round the Valley Ultra Marathon” places high emphasis in passing on the importance of engaging in sports to the next generation (our children). Therefore, children from the age of ten can take part in the events.

There are several heats of running, and riding, each of different distances, enabling all participants to find their place in the any of the events.

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