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The North Face
Never Stop Exploring™

To inspire and enable athletes to push their limits – to seek new routes, new lines or new distances and to NEVER STOP EXPLORING.

Kibbutz Hazorea

is located in the Western Jezreal Valley, at the foot of the Manasseh Hills in Israel.

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Mountain race, with numerous passages in high altitude (>2500m), in difficult weather conditions (night, wind, cold, rain or snow), that needs a very good training, adapted equipment and a real capacity of personal autonomy.

                                                                                   DPS Engineering
Better Engineered Solutions

DPS is a Global Engineering and Project Management Company, serving industries around the World for more than 40 years.
DPS has industry experts in key locations in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US, bringing world-class resources and the latest innovative technologies to every project.
We are privileged to support this prestigious ultra-marathon

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