In order to get the most out of the event, please take note of the following regulations.

Only registered entrants will be allowed to participate.

Registration begins on 1 APRIL 2021.

Registrations received by Email will be charged an additional 20 NIS on the quoted price.

Termination date of Registration – 1  August 2021.

No refund will be given for cancellations received after 1 August 2021.

No changes of participant’s name, or alteration of race entered, will be carried out after 1 September 2021.

A manned ambulance as well as an ATV equipped with stretcher will be on hand at all times along the length of the course.

Participants must wear an electronic chip and offical race bib during the duration of the race and all the mendtory equipment

Electronic mats will be located at certain places along the course to verify and record unners’ times.

Particiapnts receiving a special electronic chip should return it at the end of the race. Failure to return the chip will lead to a fine of 80 NIS.

Participants in the 100 km. and 166 km races must wear a headlamp while running during dark.

Your registration in the event means taht you have read and accepted the above regulations.

If you have any further queries regarding the event or the regulations, or if you wish to offer your help in any way or contribute toward its success, please contact us at [email protected]