Sovev Emek evolved from the idea and vision of promoting trail running.

The first race took place in November 2010 with 450 participants (250 runners and 200 bikers)
Since then the race has evolved to include runners only and in October 2016 the race included 2300 runners. 


The History of Emek HaShalom (“Valley of Peace”): In the spring of 1960 Dr. Oscar Adar came to visit a hill covered in flowers on the banks of the Nahal HaShofet, and together with his good friend Adrian they laid down a foundation stone for a farm, which would eventually become known as Emek HaShalom. Oscar was a pilot of German origin who decided to make his home in Israel after considerable soul searching and spiritual thought. He began this spiritual quest in Germany, continued to the Far East before reaching its conclusion in Israel.In 1964 Oscar and Adrian were joined by Hermann Betzner, an Austrian Christian. As the years passed differences of opinion on theological issues emerged between Oscar and Hermann.  As a result Oscar decided to leave Emek HaShalom, convert to Judaism changing his name to “Asher” and then going to live inJerusalem.  Dr Asher Adar maintained a close relationship with the Lotem Association over the years until he passed away in old age in 2011. Over the years many different residents came to Emek HaShalom and left after a while.  Herman remained at the site and in the 1970s Yosef Elisha came to join him.  They planted trees and plants and so made the rocky land bloom thus creating the estate which became a picturesque site.  They insisted on maintaining an ecological way of life which was expressed in how they cultivated the land, a solar electricity system for domestic needs and they used spring water.  Yosef and Hermann as well as Dr. Adar kept to a strict diet consisting of vegetarian-organic food, most of which they grew by themselves in Emek HaShalom. Yosef and Herman were members of the “Friends of Humanity” movement, Christians who studied the Bible and friends ofIsrael. They believed that the people ofIsraelshould return to the values of the Law of Israel (Torah): Giving, love of the land, building the land and serving the Lord. As the year 1999 ended Yosef took his own life and early in 2000 Hermann passed away at the ripe old age of 99.  They left the estate to the Megiddo Regional Council and in their will stipulated that it should be used for activities that would contribute to the people ofIsrael, for those in need of assistance while maintaining the place’s ecological character. Since 1995, the Lotem Association has been running a leadership and training center in natural surroundings for populations with special needs at Emek HaShalom.  They also continue to maintain the agricultural farm while opening its gates to the many hikers visiting in the area.  At the farm workshops are held on ancient agriculture that are designed to strengthen the participants’ connection with nature and their heritage, while gaining practical experience in operating reconstructed agricultural installations which have been made accessible.  These installations include a wine press, olive press, a chain-bucket well, threshing floor and an irrigated agricultural system for growing diverse crops.  These activities combine experience with varied creative activities while applying the use of odors and sounds in addition to materials which nature has to offer.  These activities are carried out to strengthen and develop physical and motor skills in an experiential manner, develop creativity and stimulation of the senses as well as cope with challenges on an individual basis and offer enjoyable social activities.

Recommended special equipment/accessories: * cap * sunglasses * sunscreen