Please click on the links below to find guest houses near Kibbutz Hazorea

– 5 minutes by walk from Hazorea:

– 7 minutes by car from Hazorea:

– 12 minutes by car from Hazorea:

– 15 minutes by car from Hazorea:


1. We recommend arriving at Israel at least 4 days before the race, as the place offers unique places.
2. The time limit to register is March 1 2018.
3. No need for qualification.
4. From Tel Aviv airport to Yoqneam city about one hour by car.
5. The 66 Km start time is at 07:00 AM Thursday.
6. The 133 Km start time is at 16:00 PM Thursday.
7. The 100 Km start time is at 21:00 PM Thursday.
8. No need for local flights.

If you need more information please feel free to contact us. E-Mail:
Hope to see you in our wonderful race.



נקודת זינוק סובב עמק