In order to get the most out of the marathon, please follow the following regulations.

Registration: It is forbidden to participate without prior registration.

Registration date: 1 March 2016.

Registration received by E-Mail will have an addition of 20 NIS on the quoted price.

Number of participants is restricted to 2000.

Termination date of Early Registration – 1 June 2016.

There will be an increase in the price of registration after that date.

All registration will close at 08.00 on 1 July 2016. There is no registration on date of race.

Procedure for cancellation or alteration in registration: Cancellations will be received by fax up to 1 August 2016, at a cost of 40 NIS.

No refund will be given for cancellations received after that date.

No change in participant’s name, or alteration of heat, will be carried out after 1 September 2016.

Medical: A manned ambulance will be on hand at all times, as well as an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) equipped with stretcher along the length of the course.

Electronic chips and ID numbers: Each participant must wear an electronic chip and chest number during the duration of the race, for time measurement and supervision.

Half-way through the 6 km., 16 km., 33 km., courses, an electronic rug will measure runners’ times.

At the conclusion of the race, and following the return of the electronic chip, each participant will receive a gift.

Any participant that does not return the electronic chip will be charged 80 NIS.

Obligatory equipment: Participants in the 100 km. 133Km. 160 km. and 200 Km. courses must wear a headlight, back blinker.

The picture of any participant that runs without an electronic chip will be posted in the ‘disrepute’ column.

Registration in the marathon means you have read and accepted these regulations.

If you have any queries regarding the race, or you wish to offer your help in any way in order to contribute toward the success of this unique event, please do so by sending an email to