Start time

October 28 2016 (Friday) 07:30 AM

Ceremony & Pudium

Friday (October 28 2016) 09:00

Age catgory

Men Women 18-49
Men Women 50-80

Bib numbers distribution

Distribution of participant’s kit – One hour prior to the start of each heat.
Please ensure you arrive on time.


Registration will open March 1 2016
Early register until June 1 2016 – 140 NIS
Letest registration until July 1 2016 – 180 NIS

Best records

Best record for women set at 2012 by: Helen Wolfson (Bib number 1224) time: 00:59:39

Best record for men set at 2015 by: Omer Ramon (Bib number 5042) time: 0:45:10

Minimum requirements

The participants will have to sign a release of responsibilities.
Each of the 12 km runners will undergo mandatory medical certificate for sports physician, before the race.

Runners’ guidelines – 12 Km.

It is your responsibility to send us an email medical certificate and personal insurance.
Our E-Mail to send the medical and insurance papers
To view the list of participants click here.
For details of water stations and electronic mats 12 km. click here.
For map of all the course (internet map) click here.
For download of GPS file for all of 12 km. course click here.
Start of race at 07:30 AM Friday.
All water station will be layout of manned. 
All water stations will also be equipped with the following: water, isotonic drink, halva, Valley energy bars, bagels, gels, apples, coca-cola and more. 
Location of water stations from staging point – 2.7 km., 6.3 km., 10.4km., 
12 km.,
During the race, an ATV with stretcher, and ambulance will be on hand.
All runners must wear a head light, and rear light.
Each kilometer will be marked for you to see, (Example).
The route will be marked as follows (Example).
All water stations will be equipped with trash cans, please use them.
Please ensure you keep the forest clean.

Total climb 195 metre         Total descent 193 metre

Map and Elevation Profile for 12 KM

מפרט תחנת מים
No. Weter station name Distans from staging point Station description
1 Carob forest 2.7 KM Water, healthy snacks, halva, bananas and dates, pretzels
2 Tayphon 6 KM Water, GU isotonic drinks, healthy snacks, halva, bananas, dates, pretzels
(This station will have chemical toilets and toilet paper for your convenience)
3 Carob forest 10 KM Water, healthy snacks, halva, bananas and dates, pretzels
4 Staging point 12 KM Sandwiches, Orange Juice, weter, yogurts, coffee/tea, granola, cakes,  cookies, fruit, and more and more
buffets served
* בכל תחנה תהיה ערכת עזרה ראשונה. * בתחנת טייפון (6 ק”מ מהזינוק) יהיו שירותים כימיים ונייר טואלט לנוחיותכם. * בכל תחנת מים יהיו מגבונים רכים לשימושכם האישי. * בשטח יהיו טרקטורוני אלונקה + חובשים. * במתחם הכינוס תהיה ניידת אט”ן + אמבולנסים + פרמדיקים וחובשים.